Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Math Unit 9:
In this unit, we will be learning about measurement! We will also be learning how to tell time to the nearest hour and half hour. Please practice at home!
We Are All Scientists!

This unit for writing, we will be writing as scientists! We will be conducting experiments using the Scientific Method! Class 1-212 is very excited to explore the different properties of matter- solids, liquids, and gases. So far, we have watched what happens as water is poured into different sized containers, and what happens when food coloring is added to it. We saw water turn a DARK BLUE! We are going to be writing about all of our experiments in our special scientist booklets. Soon, we will see what happens when skittles are dropped into water, and lots of other cool experiments. Feel free to experiment at home too!

Here is a link for some experiments you might want to try at home: