Monday, June 17, 2013

International Day

International Day is on Friday.  Please bring in things that represent your culture to be discussed with the class.  Also, please bring in a food item to be shared with the class.  There are 32 students.  We will also have a small celebration in  our classroom honoring your child's hard work, as we welcome them to second grade! 6 and a half more days left as a first grader.

Father's Day

Robert Munsch

Last week we wrote a letter to Robert Munsch, an author of many stories we have been reading in class.  He wrote us back already!  He answered our questions and even gave us a heads up on his books that are coming next.  Wowee! 

Hi Kids:
Thanks for writing and telling me how much you like my books. My two newest books are called “Finding Christmas”, which is about my daughter Julie who always went looking for her Christmas presents; and
“Seeing Red”. It is about a kid who wants to be just like his best friend who has red hair. His friend promises to teach him the secret trick for turning black hair to red!
I get my ideas for books from my own kids and sometimes from other children. Often when I am telling stories I will say I am going to make up a new story. I get a kids name to use in the story and I still don't know what I am going to say. I just say whatever comes into my head and see if it's good. Usually it isn't. But sometimes it is very good. Lots of my books have started this way.

My next book is about a kid named Victoria whose Grandmother takes her to a very fancy restaurant for her birthday. I think the title will be “Swamp Water”.
Thanks for reading my books.
Bob Munsch

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Describing Photographs

Ms. Murphy and Ms. Alford at Ms. Platt's Wedding

Ms. Platt's parents with Jeremy

Oheka Castle Gardens

Walking down the aisle

Wedding cake

Long Island sound